Feb 27, 2008

Celebration (Word of the Day, 2008/2/20)

Jerry Wang
Celebrate (v.)
►to perform publicly with suitable ceremonies, as a Mass
ex: The new priest will celebrate Mass today.
►to make known with praise; honor
ex: The names of many heroes are celebrated by the poets.
►to commemorate with suitable observances
ex: We celebrated the TYTC 100th meeting by holding a party.
►to observe a holiday; perform a religious ceremony
ex: We celebrate the lunar new year on January first in the lunar calendar.
Celebrated (adj)
ex: The spot is celebrated for its hot spring.
Celebration (n.)
►the act of celebrating
ex: The party was in celebration of the TYTC 100th meeting.
►that which is done to celebrate anything
ex: The celebration in lunar new year includes giving red envelope and letting off firecrackers.
Celebrity (n.)
►fame; distinction
ex: Dr. Wang gained celebrity in science.
►a renowned or famous person
ex: The president is a national celebrity.

Feb 2, 2008

Love (Word of the Day, 2008/1/16)

Ann Lee
►care about: to care very much about someone ,especially a member of your family or close friend.
Ex: Children need to feel loved.
►like/enjoy : to like something very much or enjoy doing something very much.
Ex: Ivan found that he really loved teaching.
►I must love you and leave you: spoken used to tell someone that you have to go, especially when you wish you could stay longer
►loyalty : to have strong feeling of loyalty to your country, an institution… etc.
EX: He really loved the police force.
►I love it! spoken used when you are amused by something, especially by someone else’s mistake or bad luck.

►for family/friends【+for】
EX: What these kids need is love and support.
►pleasure/enjoyment: a strong feeling of pleasure and enjoyment that something gives you.
EX: Sailing is her great love.
►person you love
EX: He was her first love.
►love of/ for
EX: a love of nature.
►send your love (to): to ask someone to give your loving greetings to someone else when they see them, write to them… etc.
EX: Aunt Mary sends her love to you.
►there is no love lost between: if there is no love lost between two people, they dislike each other.
►not for love or/ nor money: (informal) if you cannot get something or do something love or money, it is impossible obtain or to do.
►love-child: a word used especially in newspapers meaning a child whose parents are not marriage.
►Love apple=tomato
►Love-lock 【額前】可愛的捲髮